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I become professional in Korea. I cannot speak Japanese. I did not even watch Hikaru no Go till the end.

But ... I love the world of Japanese Go very much!

I learned Go by Japanese Go books, translated to English and Russian. My father's  friend, Nail Sahabutdinov, 5d, presented me Japanese Go Yearbook 1986, he had in his private collection (that time it was really difficult to find any Go books in English or Russian). This book with game records, tournament tables and photos impressed me (7 or 8 kyu that time) very much!

I was not able to translate game commentaries and articles, but I learned names pronunciations of Japanese pros, using Japanese-Russian dictionary. At the end of the yearbook they published these names with photos and career highlights. It was much more interesting to replay and study games of professionals I know, not just anonymous game records.

I cannot remember these games now, but I still remember names of 100+ professionals. I remember their faces, achievements and age.

Even nowadays when it's clear that Korean or Chinese pros are stronger, I still like to replay Japanese games. I can miss the recent game of Gu Li or Lee Sedol, but if I can find the recent game of Kobayashi Koichi, Cho Chikun or Takemiya, I will for sure replay and study it!

While replaying such games, I often meet something interesting - new fuseki or joseki

( Japanese Go players like to try original ideas!) or sensational results

I am sure, you will enjoy such games too, so I decided to post them on this website with my comments and impressions.

If you find something worth publishing, email me such games, please!

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