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Tournaments | HONINBO | 84 years old Sugiuchi vs Otake Hideo
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84 years old Sugiuchi vs Otake Hideo
It was a big surprise for me to find this game record. I thought Sugiuchi, 8p is not active in tournaments anymore.
But she still plays well! Still able to reach the 1st preliminary stage of the Honinbo cup!

More info about her:

Sugiuchi Kazuko (born 1927) is a Nihon Ki-in female professional Go player.

She learned Go from her father, starting at age 6.

Sugiuchi reached 8-dan in 1983.

Kato Tomoko and Inoue Naomi are her pupils, while she was a pupil of Kita Fumiko. She is married to Sugiuchi Masao 9-dan.

She won the Women's Meijin from 1991-1994, the Women's Kakusei in 1983, and the Women's championship from 1953-1955.

About the game: Sugiuchi decided to play for influence and she tried to kill the group, using her walls. Without success, but anyway it's good to see how well you can play at such an old age

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