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Japanese main hope Imamura, 9p?

Imamura Toshiya (born 1966) is Kansai Kiin 9-dan professional


Imamura challenged Kobayashi Koichi for the 14th Gosei in 1989. He reached 9-dan in 1990.


In 2007, he challenged Yamashita Keigo for the 55th Oza, losing by 1-3


He has won the Kansai Kiin First Place Championship four times, in 1994, 1998, 2000 and 2002, as well as the 1984 Shinjin(New stars cup)


In the past they thought that Imamura will be the main hope of Kansai Kiin, together with Moriyama Naoki, 9p (born in 1965).


But, both never won any big titles.

I thought, that Kansai Kiin Go players are still powerful and it??s strange that Japan is mainly sending Nihon Kiin players to represent Japan in World Championships (maybe except Yuki Satoshi, 9p)


I thought that Imamura has some chances against top Korean and Japanese pros, because of his unusual playing style, but ??

After this game I have to change my mind. Weird fuseki, 64 moves and no hope for Imamura, 9p. O Meien, 9p is much better at playing weird fusekis!


P.S. Posted the game in Oza section, because Oza challenger was the biggest achievement of Imamura on Japanese Go scene

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