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10 japanese pros with biggest prize money in 2011
1. Iyama Yuta 91.513.516 yen ( about 1 mln and 200 thousand usd)
2. Yamashita Keigo 89.700.000
3. Cho U 86.451.000
4. Hane Naoki 42.990.000
5. Takao Sinji 21.081.000
6. Xie Yemin 20.279.500
7. Cho Chikun 15.290. 000
8. Kono Rin 14.716.000
9. Yamada Kimio 12.620.000
10. Yoda Norimoto 11.156.000

Few interesting details:
Cho Chikun, 9p (on photo) stays in this list for 32 years straight!
He is one of the oldest active pros now, but he can still earn a lot of money from Go tournaments!
Another interesting fact: For the first time in Japanese Go history female pro Xie Yemin got the 6th position. Last year she won almost all female tournaments in Japan!

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