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Awaji - Japanese veteran
In 80's Awaji Shuzo, 9-dan was one of the leading professionals in Japan. He was the title challenger several times, but never won these matches. He played the last titlematch in 1989. It was a Meijin tournamewnt, when he lost 1-4 to Kobayashi Koichi, so I decided to post this article in Meijin section.
Awaji Shuzo, 9-dann has very sharp playing style. It can be compared with the style of Kato Masao. Kato-sensei passed away few years ago, so you cannot find his recent games, but it is still possible to find games, played by Awaji.
He is 63 years old now, but still plays well and very actively! Few days ago he destroyed one of the top Japanese professionals - Hane Naoki, 9-dan by killing his big group in early middlegame.

If you would like to make your Go more aggressive, I suggest you to study games, played by Awaji, 9p

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