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Hard days for superstars
The most famost Japanese professionals of 80's and 90's are Kobayashi Koichi and Cho Chikun. Kobayashi is 60 years old now. Cho is few years younger. It was a very hard year for both.
Kobayashi recently lost 3 games with big difference in points:
29.5 to Kudo Norio
11.5 to Seto Taiki
14.5 to Yamada Kimio
His opponents are far from Japanese elite level, so it was strange to see such results.
I thought, Kobayashi can still play on world top level, and I thought that Japanese have to give him this chance. But, recently it's hard to see him representing Japan in world cups and this seems to be correct. His current shape is far from the top shape of legendary Kisei Kobayashi ...

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